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The Street Buzz® is a contemporary, cutting-edge, music television show and Website, with the cooperation of music retail and performance venues. Spanning every genre in music, it draws from new releases, bands on tour and developing acts.

Artist interviews, live performances, tour schedules, on-location club highlights, behind the scenes, music videos and more combine to make The Street Buzz® a comprehensive source of information. The show educates and entertains viewers on the background of a featured act, how records were made and what life is like on the road. Along with its direct response capacity, it is also a source of instant gratification.

A sample of acts featured on The Street Buzz® so far include:
The Butthole Surfers
Kristen Berry
Brendan Benson
Patty Rothberg
Fun Lovin' Criminals
Trainspotting Soundtrack
Luscious Jackson
Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack.

The hottest new releases, the greatest live performances, the most promising new talent, the coolest clubs and the ability to fulfill come together in The Street Buzz®, delivering the future of music on television.
The Streetbuzz® is a registered trademark of George Saadi.